A Revolution in Demo and Event Marketing

At Promomash, we know how difficult it is to manage everything when it comes to demos, events, ambassadors, and the stores and events where you want them to promote your brand and your products.

In fact, Promomash was born out of first-hand experience. One of our founders has owned a consumer products company (a luxury organic skincare line) for several years. The experience of gaining nationwide distribution in Whole Foods Market was a painful awakening to just how difficult it is to try to manage a demo program without any tools that are designed for this very specialized activity. It was harrowingly difficult, time-intensive, and above all expensive. And it was virtually impossible to know where all those marketing dollars were going and what benefit he was getting for the expense.

So we designed a better way.

Now, you can put your entire demo program into the Promomash platform, and pretty much sit back while Promomash takes care of most of the work for you – freeing you up for more valuable activities. Managing a demo and event marketing program has never been easier for brands than it is today, with Promomash.

Whether you hire ambassadors directly, use third-party demo companies, or brokers to do your promotions – or if you ARE a demo company or broker – Promomash makes the process easier, more transparent, and more profitable than ever before – and this is just the beginning.

And with easy and powerful new features on the near horizon, you can rest assured that using Promomash to manage your demo and event marketing program will give you more time, unprecedented visibility into what’s going on in your team, greater return on your marketing investment, and most importantly a critical competitive edge over everyone else in your product area.

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